Dormit Cu Mortea


weapon (melee)

Dormit Cu Mortea is a claymore that does 5d8+5 damage. It is a sentiment weapon with a chaotic evil alignment. The wielder can cast animate undead,blasphemy and clone 3/day. He/she can also cast trap soul,unhallow,and wail of the banshee 1/month.The sword has an ego oh 40 and revels in any kind of death. It can speak common,demonic,abyssal,and dragon telipathically or aloud. The can also see for 120 feet with darkvision. It’s last ability is slay wielder once a month which there is no will save. Oh and with each soul that is put into the sword it adds 1d8 to the attack of the fiendish weapon. it is worth 500k GP


The sword was the creation of a crazed dark wizard around the beggining of time. It was created to stop the races sworn to good from growing and inhabiting the earth. Wielding the dark blade the wizard attack the righteous and pure of heart even trapping their souls in pure black opal that’s encrested in the hilt but eventually thew sword wanted more and it slew the wizard and disapeared never to be seen again….. until now

Dormit Cu Mortea

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